Objective Earth !

5000 km - 60 days
2700 Nautical Miles

Departure:   Liverpool / Hunts Point (Nova Scotia - Canada)
Arrival: La Tranche-sur-mer (Vendée - France)
1st target:   Cape Lizard meridian
2nd target:   France
The boat

Name:   Passenger
Date of construction:    2012-2013
Flag: French
Design: C. Girard
Construction:   C. Girard
  & Cie
Length:   6,7 m
Width:  1,55 m
Width with accessories:   1,90 m
Hieght above freeboard:   0,40 m
Weight (empty):  
150 kg
Weigth (full load):   500 kg
Composite sandwich aramide epoxy  
Infusion (RTM light)  
Self-righting, unsikable  
The adventurer

Name   Charlie Girard
Age:   33 years old
Nationality:   French
Profession:   Engineer (field of energy & networks)
Charlie failed during to attemps in  2007 et 2009 from Cape Cod (USA).

All these experiences, enhanced training and equipment optimizations are leveraged today to get prepared for the adventure.